Baltimore Power is a renewable energy company, based in Cork (Ireland), with over 15 years experience in project management and 6 years in renewable energy

We are able to offer a range of technologies from electrical to thermal generation from biomass, wind and sun.

We can reduce your running energy costs for heating, hot water and electricity.

We have special offers on 19 Kw wood pellet boilers.

We also have  wood pellets and bioethanol ready to deliver to your house.

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Our Product Range

Wood pellet & chip boilers & stoves Solar for hot water Pellet & Bioethanol fuel supply Solar & wind for electricity
We supply a broad variety of pellet boilers and wood chip boilers to suit your requirements. We supply solar tubes or flat panels to fit on your roof or integrated within it. We supply bagged pellets for collection from our warehouse or 1.2 tonnes delivered to your house. We can design and install wind turbines up to 10kw output and photovoltaic solar panels.